February Flower of the Month: Quince Blossoming Branches

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6 products

As the wintry chill begins to fade, a hint of spring emerges from the once-barren branches. Quince Blossoming Branches, our February flower of the month, begin to bloom with their vibrant hues in February. Their early February bloom, captivating beauty, and spirit are why we chose to spotlight Quince Blossoming Branches this February. This blossoming branch is the perfect symbol for the upcoming spring season.

The Quince Blossoming Branch is the herald of the season’s turn. This flowering branch is a small tree or shrub of the rose family. It is one of the earliest flowering plants of spring, unafraid to defy the chill with its colorful flowers as early as February.

In these quiet winter months, when nature seems to slumber, the Quince’s flowering branches stand as a reminder to defy the odds. Quince’s resilient blossoming branches are why we chose it as February’s flower of the month at Mayflowers Floral Studio. Its resilient spirit and vibrant beauty inspired our master florists to create stunning flower arrangements featuring the bloom to capture the essence of February. With its colorful flowers of reds, pinks, oranges, and whites, the Quince blossoming branch takes center stage, gracing our bouquets and centerpieces with its beauty.

Not only is it pretty to look at, but it smells good too! The flowers of a Quince blossoming branch release a sweet, captivating fragrance for all of nature’s admirers. The delightful aroma of this flowering branch can fill the air in your home with fresh scents and hopeful hues of the spring season to come.

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