July Flower of the Month: Gerbera Daises

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5 products

Sun-Kissed In July: Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies, the exclusive stars of our July floral collection, have made a grand entrance at Mayflowers Floral Studio. They cast a vibrant tapestry of color and cheer over our stores, making July’s long, sunlit days and warm nights even more delightful. This month, we present our July Flower of the Month: the lively gerbera daisy.

You might think that a daisy is ordinary, but at Mayflowers Floral Studio, we didn’t select just any daisy. We selected the gerbera daisy. Gerbera daisies, also known as Transvaal daisies or Barberton daisies. These special flowers come in a stunning variety of colors, and each of those colors carries its own unique meaning, making these flowers a versatile choice for any sentiment. Originating from the diverse landscapes of South Africa, these daisies bloom in fiery reds, soft pinks, captivating oranges, and, of course, classic sunshine yellow. At Mayflowers Floral Studio, we are embracing these daisies’ versatility, curating a collection of flower arrangements to suit all tastes and emotions this July.

Our July Flower of the Month collection, featuring the vibrant gerbera daisy, is not just about aesthetics. This carefully craft selection of flower arrangements serves as a poignant reminder to embrace the joy found in everyday moments, to deeply connect with our emotions, and to generously share those feelings with those around us. Whether the flower arrangement is a gift to convey love, gratitude, sympathy, or to bring a smile to someone’s face, our gerbera daisy flower arrangements are crafted with great thought and attention to detail to captivate not only the receiver’s eyes but also to resonate with the hearts.

As we move through July, we invite you to explore and discover the gerbera daisy’s sea of color and its gentle fragrance. Shop online or in-store at our Mayflower Floral Studio locations in Reston, VA, or McLean, VA.