March Flower of the Month: Parrot Tulips

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      As March unveils its colorful tapestry and spring whispers its promises of renewal, Parrot Tulips make their grand entrance at Mayflowers Floral Studio. We’ve chosen to highlight Parrot Tulips as the March Flower of the Month because Parrot Tulips are among the most captivating flowers that showcase nature’s intricate beauty.

      At Mayflowers Floral Studio, we love including Parrot Tulips in our flower arrangements because of the unique and distinguishing features that set Parrot Tulips apart from other tulip varieties. Their deeply lacerated flowers create a feathery, fringed appearance that mimics the bird these Parrot Tulips are named after. A Parrot Tulip’s fringed and twisted flowers, along with their rigorous shape and beauty, enhance the overall aesthetic of any flower arrangement in which it's incorporated.

      Parrot Tulips are not just captivating due to their texturized appearance. Parrot Tulips also have a stunningly diverse color palette. Parrot Tulips range from fiery reds and oranges to cool blues and purples. Their colors are so vibrant that they can rival even the most dazzling sunsets. Some parrot tulips can flaunt multiple hues within the same bloom, blending and contrasting to create a captivating visual tapestry.

      Parrot Tulips' diverse color palette makes these flowers a perfect addition to any flower arrangement. At Mayflowers Floral Studio, we chose to showcase Parrot Tulips in March because March is a transition month, and Parrot Tulips symbolize the changing seasons.  The twisted and fringed flowers of Parrot Tulips add texture to their vibrant hues and fill the air with a subtle yet delightful aroma that is simply divine. And with sturdy stems that effortlessly support their flowers, these Parrot Tulips are truly remarkable.  

      Capture the beauty of spring and bring its vibrant spirit into your home. Shop our March Flower of the Month, Parrot Tulips, online or in-store at our Mayflowers Floral Studio locations in Reston, VA, or McLean, VA.