How to Care for Cut Hydrangeas

How to Care for Cut Hydrangeas

Hydrangea season is in full bloom! While you can marvel at their beauty outside, why not bring some of that magic home? Here’s a handy guide for caring for cut hydrangeas so that their big blooms stay vibrant and beautiful.

Initial Care

Hydrangeas are known to wilt quickly, lasting only a few days, once cut. Here are some things to do right away to extend their life and keep them looking fresh.

Cut Stems at an Angle

Hydrangeas produce sap that clogs the stems and prevents them from drinking the water they need. To remedy this, cut the stems of your hydrangeas using a pair of sharp scissors or shears at an angle. This helps the hydrangeas take in all the water they need to stay fresh.

Put Them in Water Immediately

After you cut the stems, one of the best things you can do to keep your hydrangeas fresh is to put them straight into room-temperature water. If you have it, toss in a little flower food.


Ongoing Care

To keep your hydrangea blooms looking great for as long as possible, they will need a little daily TLC. With proper care, you can expect your hydrangeas to last anywhere from 5-9 days.

Mist Petals Once a Day

Hydrangeas soak up moisture through their petals. Give them a little boost by misting them with water each day. You can use any spray bottle that you have on hand to lightly spritz your blooms with some tepid water to help them stay fresh and hydrated.

Change Water Regularly

Cut flowers will naturally produce bacteria the longer they sit in water. To keep your blooms fresh and healthy, be sure to change the water every couple of days. If the water starts to look cloudy, it’s probably time to change the water.

Dunk in Warm Water

If you notice that your hydrangeas are starting to wilt despite following all of these steps, it is time to give them a bath and reset. Give your blooms a bath in warm water by submerging them for up to 45 minutes and then re-cut the stems at a 45° angle. Fill your vase with fresh, clean water, then place your flowers back in their vase.

No More Wilted Hydrangeas!

By following these tips and giving your hydrangeas a little daily love, you’ll have beautiful, fragrant hydrangeas in your home for days to come! Remember that hydration is key.