How to Care for Cut Hydrangeas
Hydrangea season is in full bloom! While you can marvel at their beauty outside, why not bring some of that magic home? Here’s a handy guide for caring for cut hydrangeas so that their big blooms stay vibrant and beautiful....
2023 Graduations
The time has come for graduation! A celebration of all the hard work and effort put into their education. What better way to celebrate the graduate than with a custom bouquet of flowers in their school colors? Looking to gift?...
How to Care for Cut Tulips
With striking colors and an elegant look, it’s no secret why tulips are many people’s favorite flowers. Unfortunately, these unique blooms are as finicky as they are beautiful. They have a tendency to droop. Thankfully, there are several things you...
Our Favorite Alternatives to Roses on Valentine's Day
When it comes to Valentine’s Day, red roses are the classic gift. While they’re stunning, what if your gift recipient isn’t a “classic” kind of person? Why not break the mold this year and get your partner something as unique...
What's Blooming in Winter
When we think of winter, we think of snow and cocoa indoors. We traditionally think of winter as the time that flowers and plants lay dormant. But there are flowers that bloom and flourish in the winter to help keep...
Our Favorite Alternatives to a Christmas Tree
The holidays are upon us, which means that everyone's hunkering down at home, re-watching their favorite Christmas movies with the family, and our personal favorite decorating the house.   A tree is definitely a must in my house. If you don’t...
2022 Trends for Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Translating Your Style to Your Thanksgiving Table Get ready to set the Thanksgiving table! Nothing pulls together a room better than the perfect floral arrangement. Having the perfect centerpiece is a must for hosting dinner with friends and family. We've...
6 Spooky Flowers to Get You in the Halloween Spirit…Read if You Dare.
It’s officially SPOOKY SEASON! From ghostly décor and goth chíc outfits to classic horror films, there are many ways to get in the spirit (no pun intended.) In honor of Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of 6 of the most...
3 Tips for Choosing a Wreath that Transitions from Summer to Fall with Ease
There are plenty of festive wreath options that easily transition from summer heat to crisp fall mornings. Here are a few tips for choosing a wreath that can transition from summer to fall.
Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: 14 Sun-Sational Summer Wreath Ideas to Brighten Your Home
While the holidays are certainly the time of year when wreaths make an appearance, these versatile decor pieces can be used all year long to brighten up your home, no matter the season. With countless styles, materials, and sizes to...
Why You Should Love Lilies
Lilies are one of the most common flowering plants on the market. You either love them, or you don’t. We’re team “love lilies” all the way, but for those that don’t, here are some myth-busting and fun facts that may change your mind.
What’s in Season for Spring
Who doesn’t love watching the green leaves bud and the first flowers poke through the April Showers? We’ve curated a list of our top ten favorite Spring flowers, perfect for enjoying the warmth of the new season!
Holiday Style Starts at the Table
A centerpiece is the crown jewel of a crowded holiday table. With so many options, a centerpiece of flowers is a great starting point when it comes to building your table spread. Here are a few styles sure to get...
Fun Ways to Incorporate Pumpkins & Gourds into your Fall Décor Lineup
It’s finally time to break out those sweaters, stock up on pumpkin spice goodies and get your space ready for Fall! While you may think pumpkins are just for carving spooky jack o lanterns, they can also be seamlessly worked into fall décor for a...
What’s in Season for Fall
As the weather starts to shift from sweltering heat to crisp mornings, many of us are gearing up for our favorite season! From pumpkin spice lattes to sweaters and gourds galore, we will find any excuse to ring in fall as soon as possible.
5 Popular Event Themes & The Flowers That Really Make Them Pop

The right event décor can transport guests to another world. And, the easiest way to transform any space is with flowers. Here’s a list of 5 popular event themes and the floral style to use to really make them pop.

10 Holidays You Never Knew Existed (and are the PERFECT Excuse to Give Flowers)
Life just seems to be so much more exciting during the holidays. Here are 10 holidays you probably never knew existed that are the perfect excuse to give (or receive) flowers.
How to Take Care of Succulents
With a recent rise in popularity, succulents have become one of the most sought-after home and desk accessories. These quirky plants come in all different shapes, sizes and require different care than traditional house plants. Read on for 8 tips for taking care of your succulents to help them thrive indoors.
10 Low-Maintenance Plants That Bring Tranquility to Your Office

Adding plants to an office space is a great way to spruce it up and bring some life into your workday, but oftentimes keeping them alive can be a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. Here are 10 low-maintenance plants that make great additions to the office without added stress and work!

How to Press and Dry Flowers in Under 3 Minutes
Flowers and memories go hand in hand. From wedding bouquets to Valentine’s Day and anniversary floral arrangements to flowers from any special moment in time, flowers make everything more memorable. Sadly, fresh flowers never last forever. Instead of watching them...
5 DOs and DON’TS for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

The DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind this Valentine’s Day.