How to Decorate With Dried Flowers

How to Decorate With Dried Flowers

If fresh flowers make an immediate impression, dried flowers are a lasting memory. Dried flowers can be used in many decorative ways to give new life to a fading bouquet or seasonal blooms. Techniques to preserve both flowers and leaves have ushered in a new era of floral décor that is incredibly life-like. More traditional drying and pressing techniques allow the stems to be transformed.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to decorate with dried flowers.

Our Favorite Ways To Use Dried Flowers

Incorporate into Wreaths

Wreaths with dried flowers can be timeless and fun year-round. Use a simple base, like woven grapevine, dried wheat, or greenery, as the canvas for your creativity. Dried flowers can be used to build large wreaths that serve as the focal point of a room or small wreaths that add a touch of nature wherever they are laid.

Wall Art

Drying flowers at home often starts with hanging them upside down to keep stems straight and flowers uncrushed as they dry. Using them in the same way as wall hangings, like a tapestry, can create an interesting accent wall in your home.

A simple, hand-tied spray of lavender or dried grasses can blend with the primary colors of a room or pick up on accent colors found in other decor, such as pillows or dishes. A mixed bouquet can be layered with other hanging pieces, such as trays or mirrors.

Create Table Centerpieces

Filling a jar or vase with dried flowers is all that’s needed for a natural centerpiece. Single sprigs in small vases can be used along the length of a table, or multiple stems of varying heights can be arranged in a larger vessel. Dried flower centerpieces have been having a moment as wedding centerpieces for brides looking for a rustic or bohemian feel to the space.

Pair With Candles

Dried flowers can be used with candles in multiple ways. Dried petals or whole flowers can be pressed into a candle’s wax to create customized tapers or pillars. Dried flowers can also be safely used in wax melts to perfume the mixture.

Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers, those that have been flattened and dried, have many decorative uses as well. While there are special presses made to absorb moisture and gently flatten blooms, a far easier and faster DIY technique uses heat-proof plates and a home microwave.

How to Decorate with Pressed Flowers

Once pressed, dried flowers can be used in numerous ways as decoration.

Frame Them

Pressed flowers can be framed as a lasting memento from a wedding, vacation, or other special occasion. Choosing the backing first allows pressed flowers to be arranged and rearranged before they are mounted and added to a glass-fronted frame.

Use as Place Settings for Parties

Pressed flowers and greens can be added to place cards, coasters, napkin rings, and even placemats for a botanical tablescape. Used in combination with dried flower arrangements, pressed blooms can be purely decorative as a place setting or serve as a favor for guests to keep.

Happy Decorating!

Dried flowers can be used to decorate your home for every season. They are a great way to add natural beauty and color that doesn’t require any upkeep or watering! Whether you buy them or dry them yourself, give yourself a lasting floral treat with dried flower décor.