How to Press and Dry Flowers in Under 3 Minutes

How to Press and Dry Flowers in Under 3 Minutes

Flowers and memories go hand in hand. From wedding bouquets to Valentine’s Day and anniversary floral arrangements to flowers from any special moment in time, flowers make everything more memorable. Sadly, fresh flowers never last forever. Instead of watching them slowly wilt until you have to throw them away, why not preserve them so you can enjoy their beauty and sentiment for years to come?

The traditional drying and pressing process can take up to three weeks. You can actually dry and press your blooms in the microwave in under three minutes, and you’ll never know the difference! Here’s how to turn those gorgeous blooms into a work of art:

Things you’ll need:

  • the flowers you want to preserve (can be fresh or almost dry already from age)
  • paper towels
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • medium to large microwave-safe dish
  • microwave
  • Optional: glass frame or display elements, wax paper.

How to Press and Dry Flowers Using a Microwave

Step 1: Cut flowers and leaves to the desired size. You can trim the stems off or leave them on for a side press.

Step 2: Lay down one paper towel sheet. Arrange flowers on top so that they are not touching. Cover with another paper towel sheet.

Pro Tip: Don’t use patterned paper towels. They can leave patterns on your flowers.

Step 3: Place the covered flowers in the microwave and set a microwave-safe dish on top.

Step 4: Microwave in small 2030 sec segments, removing the dish to check flowers between each to ensure flowers are not scorched. Depending upon the type of flowers you are using and the size, it usually takes about two to four segments of time for flowers to be fully pressed.

Step 5: Remove flowers from the microwave and carefully remove the top paper towel layer. Allow flowers to cool completely.

Step 6: The flowers will be ready to use immediately or can be stored for later use. To use immediately, carefully peel flowers from the paper towel using tweezers. To store, place flowers between two sheets of wax or parchment paper and press in a large book until ready to use.

Step 7: Get creative! You can arrange flowers in a glass frame, shadow box, or use them in any way you like!