A Rose for Every Occasion: Types of Roses

A Rose for Every Occasion: Types of Roses

Flowers can tell stories, show devotion, or communicate love. What better flower to do all of those things than the rose. Red roses have been a symbol of timeless love for decades.

Though the red rose is the most recognizable, we use many different types of roses at Mayflower's. In fact, there are hundreds of rose variations, but most experts split them into three main categories: Modern Garden Roses, Old Garden Roses, and Wild Roses.

Modern Garden Roses

These beautiful roses bloom continuously through the year, making them ideal in any season. With a larger bloom size and longer vase life, these are always a showstopper and a go-to for arrangements. What modern garden roses lack in fragrance they make up for in appearance.

Examples of Modern Garden Roses

Old Garden Roses

A rose with a rich history, these are often lovingly referred to as heritage roses. Old garden roses are known for their strong fragrance and high petal counts. These roses have a unique shape and aroma that makes them stand out among the rest. Unlike the modern garden roses, heritage roses only bloom once a year during the summer months, making them an elusive treat and highly anticipated.

Examples of Old Garden Roses

Wild Roses

Wild roses, often called species roses, are roses that haven’t been hybridized in any way and bloom naturally in the wild. At first glance, these flowers may not strike you as ‘roses’ due to their 5-petal design and unique color combinations. Known for their large size and clustered growing patterns, wild roses often form thickets, making them all the more mystical. They are only found in the northern hemisphere and date back 30-40 million years!

Examples of Wild Roses

With so many varieties to choose from, there is a rose for every occasion. View Mayflower's flowers arrangements that feature roses.