Why You Should Love Lilies

Why You Should Love Lilies

Lilies are one of the most common flowering plants on the market. With an abundance of them in flower shops and gardens around the globe, it’s not surprising that people tend to have polarizing opinions about them. You either love them, or you don’t.

We’re team “love lilies” all the way, but for those that don’t, here are some myth-busting and fun facts that may change your mind.

Here are a few reasons why you should love lilies (even if you don’t yet):

Range of Fragrances

One of the most common complaints from non-lovers of lilies is their strong fragrance. There are actually hundreds of different varieties of lilies, ranging in fragrance strengths and scents.

Lilies are split into 3 main categories: Asiatic, Oriental, and Longiflorum.  

While Asiatic lilies are completely fragrance-free, Longiflorum lilies are very fragrant. Oriental lilies fall somewhere in the middle, with mild, sweet fragrances.

Red, pink and light yellow lillies


Lilies tend to have a longer vase life than most cut flowers, ranging anywhere from 7-14 days depending on the variety, versus roses which usually only last up to a week.

They can also be housed indoors as a potted plant, making them a great addition to any space, especially during the summer months when cut flowers wilt instantaneously. Also, studies show that adding plants to your space can boost your mood, so opting for a potted lily is a stress-free, low-maintenance way to brighten your space and day!

Pink Lillies

So Many Unique Styles

You may think you know what lilies look like, but you don’t! There are so many different varieties with distinct looks to choose from.

If you’re of the opinion that lilies are traditional and boring, look for a funky hybrid like the roselilly. Roselilies, a unique hybrid bloom, have won the hearts of many non-traditional lily lovers. They’re known for their layered rose-like petal structure and striking colors.

Lilies WE Love

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