Local Flowers for Memorial Day

34 products

34 products

Summer bursts onto the scene with Memorial Day (May 27) celebrations, and Mayflowers Floral Studio is ready with a collection of vibrant flowers that encapsulate the summer season’s joy. Moving beyond the traditional red, white, and blue, our Memorial Day collection draws inspiration from the sunny, cheerful days ahead.

At Mayflowers Floral Studio, we’re opting for sunshine-inspired flower arrangements that reflect the warmth and brightness of summer by spotlighting sunflowers in this collection of flower arrangements. Sunflowers stand out with their unmatched vibrancy. These natural skyscrapers, with their tall, green stalks, reach for the sky, mirroring the sun’s brightness with their golden faces. Sunflowers symbolize summer’s beautiful, sun-filled days filled with endless adventures and laughter. They are the perfect reminder of the warmth and energy the summer season brings.

Continuing our theme of celebrating summer’s bounty, we’ve also included flower arrangements that feature hydrangeas. They are the perfect flower to complement our Memorial Day collection at Mayflowers Floral Studio since their lush, full petals come in a spectrum of colors that deepen with the warmth of the season. They represent life’s richness and the importance of living fully in the moment.

Together, sunflowers and hydrangeas weave a summer tapestry, each with its own significance, yet together, they represent the start of the summer season. These flowers invite their admirers to pause, reflect, and savor the simple, fleeting moments of the day.  

The array of flower arrangements in our Memorial Day collection includes options that are great to top the table day’s festive barbeques and pool parties or to gift for a quiet moment of reflection to remember those who died while serving our country.

Shop our Memorial Day collection online or visit us in-store at Mayflowers Floral Studio in Reston or McLean, VA. Order online by May 22 for Memorial Day delivery!