5 DOs and DON’TS for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

5 DOs and DON’TS for the Perfect Valentine’s Day

Don’t Wait to Order

We use only the highest quality flowers in our arrangements, and that’s not something we’re willing to compromise, but the nationwide flower shortage due to COVID-19 means that we have less of them. The longer you wait, the less flower inventory we’ll have.

Do Buy Multiple Arrangements

Everyone could use a little extra love this year. Get several arrangements of different sizes for different areas of the house. May, owner and head floral designer, suggests getting two smaller arrangements and one larger one to fill a whole house with love or using them to create a trail to the bedroom.

Do Give a Mixture of Blooms

Simple rose bouquets are so been there done that. If you really want to wow them this year, give them arrangements with a mixture of flowers. This introduces them to new flowers and keeps things fresh.

Don’t Forget to Add Water!

Just because your arrangement comes in water doesn’t mean you can leave it as is. Cut the stems and change the water out with fresh, warm water every 2-3 days, or when the water gets cloudy.

Do Make it Special

Incorporate some loose rose petals into your Valentine’s Day dinner spread, bath, or bedroom to add a whimsical touch.