6 Spooky Flowers to Get You in the Halloween Spirit…Read if You Dare.

6 Spooky Flowers to Get You in the Halloween Spirit…Read if You Dare.

It’s officially SPOOKY SEASON! From ghostly décor and goth chíc outfits to classic horror films, there are many ways to get in the spirit (no pun intended.) In honor of Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of 6 of the most haunting blooms that are absolutely to die for.

Here are a few of our favorite spooky flowers and plants:

Red Spider Lilies

These vivid red blooms are used in the Buddhist tradition to honor the dead. According to some religious texts, they grow in Hell. Their finger-like petals and long, curly stamens mimic their namesake and are oh so spooky.

Japanese Blood Grass

This red-tipped grass appears to be dripping with blood. This invasive species is known as one of the most sinister weeds in the world. It spreads so rapidly that authorities regulate whether it can be transported across state lines.

Black Dahlias

Murder, mystery, and legend, these jet-black flowers have a fascinating history. These blooms received national attention in 1947 when a 22-year-old rising Hollywood starlet was nicknamed the black dahlia in the papers after her murder.

Devils Claw

Also known as the wood spider, devils claw grows as a scraggly bush dressed with red claw-like buds. Despite its sinister name and appearance, this unique plant is widely used for medicinal purposes.

Bat Flower

Straight out of Dracula’s Garden, this unique flower is a type of orchid. It has a distinct, exotic look, marked by two veiny ear-like petals, long spindly strands, and a shiny purple hue.

Dolls Eye

This downright creepy plant is as equally as poisonous as it is striking. Known for its bright red stem and perfectly circular, white glossy berries with a single black dot, this is not a plant you want at your next Halloween party, but they sure are spooky!