Our Favorite Alternatives to a Christmas Tree

Our Favorite Alternatives to a Christmas Tree

The holidays are upon us, which means that everyone's hunkering down at home, re-watching their favorite Christmas movies with the family, and our personal favorite decorating the house 

A tree is definitely a must in my house. If you don’t have the space, don’t like the mess, or want something a little different, luckily, there are tons of festive alternatives to the traditional fir. We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite alternatives to a Christmas tree.


Boxwoods are evergreen shrubs with rich green, waxy leaves that provide the perfect color palette for your holiday decor. In addition, these plants serve as the perfect blank slate for Christmas tree replacements and can be dressed up with a string of lights or placed in a red pot for a minimalist festive display.

Our Snow in the Fields Mini Tree provides an elegant and cheerful touch to any room and is small enough to serve as a tasteful centerpiece for your Christmas dinner.



Succulents make an excellent Christmas tree alternative because they provide a beautiful display long after the holidays are over.

Whether you dress up a succulent centerpiece with some small ornaments or spend an afternoon with the kids creating your own succulent Christmas tree, consider skipping the Christmas tree this year and opting for a succulent display instead.

Learn how to properly care for your succulents to continue using them in your holiday decor for years to come.

Pine Cones

A DIY pine cone Christmas tree makes a personalized and festive centerpiece you can store and use yearly. If you're lucky enough to have a pine tree in your front or back yard, consider collecting the pine cones as they fall to make your tree. Otherwise, you can likely find a bag of pine cones at the craft store when you grab your other supplies.

Tabletop Fir

If you're looking for something traditional you can decorate and set tiny gifts under, a tabletop fir is perfect.

A tabletop fir is a lovely compliment to any holiday decor and can be the perfect item to scratch your Christmas tree itch. Resembling tiny Christmas trees, tabletop firs are available in natural and artificial forms.


Book Tree

If you're looking for a unique twist on a Christmas tree that you can create using items you already have at home, try opting for a book tree this holiday season.

To make a book tree, you can stack your books (consider gathering all your green books for an extra-festive look!) in various arrangements to emulate the shape of a Christmas tree.

Whether you make a life-sized Christmas tree replica with your books or create a small display on one of your shelves, a book tree is a creative alternative to a traditional Christmas tree.