Our Favorite Alternatives to Roses on Valentine's Day

Our Favorite Alternatives to Roses on Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, red roses are the classic gift. While they’re stunning, what if your gift recipient isn’t a “classic” kind of person?

Why not break the mold this year and get your partner something as unique as they are? Imagine how special they’ll feel knowing you put forth the time and effort to find something that matches their style.

Here are five of our favorite alternatives to roses on Valentine’s Day:

Alternatives to the Classic Rose Bouquet


There is a wide variety of succulents to choose from, many of which hold beautiful meanings and symbols. You can also select a succulent based on aesthetic value. Some varieties of succulents boast striking colors and unique shapes.

The best part about succulents is that they typically last much longer than roses. Where a traditional bouquet lasts a few weeks, a succulent can live and be enjoyed for years, if properly cared-for succulent.


You probably know the ranunculus flower by another name: the buttercup. These flowers are often included in bouquets with other brightly colored blooms, but they’re also beautiful on their own!

The ranunculus flower is said to be a symbol of charm and beauty. So, if you often find yourself charmed by the recipient's personality and admiring their beauty, a buttercup bouquet might be the perfect gift. 


Delicate anemones, also known as windflowers, have crepe paper-like petals and are available in many colors, like white, pale pink, and scarlet.

These naturally beautiful blooms symbolize relaxation and serve as a reminder to enjoy the moment. This makes them great gifts for zen-loving yogis and naturalistas. 


Did you know tulips symbolize unyielding love? We think that alone makes them a worthwhile gift for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day, but the fact that they're bright and elegant-looking doesn't hurt either. 

Tulips come in multiple colors, each of which has a different meaning. Take tulips with red petals, for instance; they symbolize romance and passion. On the other hand, cheerful yellow tulips are tied to joy and friendship, making them a better choice for expressing platonic love. 


Last but certainly not least is the orchid. We recommend gifting orchids for the same reason we do succulents—because they're long-lasting plants! If properly tended to, a potted orchid can produce a set of blooms for over two decades, reminding your partner of your love year after year. 

These tropical plants are also linked to improved air quality, stress relief, and focus. With benefits like that, it's no wonder many people keep them around their homes. 

Think Outside the Box with Your Bouquet

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your spunky sweetheart or bodacious best friend, there are plenty of stunning, non-traditional flowers to give this Valentine’s Day that are as unique as they are.