2022 Trends for Thanksgiving Centerpieces

2022 Trends for Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Translating Your Style to Your Thanksgiving Table

Get ready to set the Thanksgiving table! Nothing pulls together a room better than the perfect floral arrangement. Having the perfect centerpiece is a must for hosting dinner with friends and family.

We've rounded up our favorite styles and some flowers to make them really pop.

1. Comfortable

From dinner to drinks, everything about celebrating Thanksgiving is meant to feel comforting. Lilies are known for their striking soft petals, which can help set the mood when spending time with loved ones. For the holiday season, peach lilies are a great way to make a sweet statement and pair well with light greens and dried flowers to create a remarkable sense of coziness.

2. Elegant

If fine china and crystal goblets are more your style, we suggest using orchids to adorn your table. Orchids are a phenomenal way to make a sophisticated statement while leaving plenty of room for the various dishes you'll be serving up. They come in many colors, so they can easily be paired with neutral colors that look festive.

3. Drama

Ranunculus is an excellent flower for when you want to stand out. Their ruffled appearance and interesting colorings make any table a little more interesting with these sitting on it. As a non-traditional choice for floral arrangements, these fresh flowers look great in a standalone style or with smaller plants seated on each side.

4. Joy

During Thanksgiving, all the family is here, children are running through the house, and there are probably too many cooks in the kitchen. We love using hydrangeas to bring the same energy and joy in the house to the table. While hydrangeas are often overlooked for holidays like Thanksgiving, they are a great option for adding some energetic flare to the table. Orange ones can appear fiery and bright due to their plush, cloud-like appearance. Plus, they offer the perfect pop of color for pairing with earth tones.

5. Quirky

When your style isn't giving the main character's energy but the nerdy but cute best friend instead, add some coccinea to your centerpiece. The flower is similar to orange hydrangeas in the sense that it can give off a smoldering look, but it's a little more eccentric in appearance. Arrangements with coccinea are a great way to add a hint of playfulness to the room. They can also make your Thanksgiving dinner feel a little more laid back.

There's no shortage of great flowers to make your centerpiece the crown jewel of your table. From classic calming tones to vivid arrangements that spark excitement, we can design the perfect floral arrangement for you here at Mayflowers Floral Studios.