White tulips, light purple hyacinth, and other spring flowers in a white pot with a blue background

What’s in Season for Spring

As the snow clears and the birds begin to sing, it’s time to put away your scarves and mittens and welcome the new season: Spring! Who doesn’t love watching the green leaves bud and the first flowers poke through the April Showers?

As more and more flowers bloom, it can be overwhelming to choose which to display. To help, we’ve curated a list of our top ten favorite Spring flowers, perfect for enjoying the warmth of the new season!

Here are some of our Spring faves:


Anemones are also called “windflowers.” They are very delicate and sway effortlessly in the wind. They bloom in various colors, including red, orange, blue, purple, white, ivory, and pink.

closeup pink and white anemone flowers surrounded by green grass


These exotic blooms are known for their delicate aroma and are often found in wedding bouquets. Their color palette ranges from pink, red, white, yellow, orange, blue, and purple.
closeup of a large bunch of white freesia flowers


These rose-like flowers, sometimes known as “buttercups,” are common in wedding bouquets. Known for their beauty, they come in various colors, from cream and pale yellow to apricot, orange, red, burgundy, and pink.

Closeup of several pink and one orange ranunculus flowers


With extravagant blooms, peonies grab your attention in the best way. There are an estimated 33 different species for these statement flowers, ranging from white to a variety of reds, pinks, and purples.

A pinkish red peony centered in the frame surrounded by green leaves


There are various types of hydrangeas, but they’re all known for their bountiful blooms, a wide range of colors, and beautiful fragrances. From vibrant to pastel, these flowers cover a whole rainbow of colors.

Five round pink-purple hydrangea blooms

Sweet Pea

Just like their name, beloved sweet peas have a deliciously sweet fragrance. These delicate flowers bloom in red, pink, blue, white, and lavender.

Hot pink sweet peas against a green background


Though modern garden roses are annual bloomers, they’re lovely in the spring. These roses can range from your classic reds and pinks to whites, oranges, and purples. 

Light pink roses rise from a leafy bush


There are thousands of Orchid species, but we love the Phalaenopsis Orchid in particular. This species can bloom for months, year after year, and have over 20 flowers on each branch. They come in several colors, including red, salmon-orange, purple, pink, white, and even black!

White orchids with purple lines on the leaves


Perhaps the most popular and recognizable spring flower, tulips always put on a show! They come in all colors of the rainbow and often have more than one color in a single bloom.

Many yellow, purple, red, and orange tulips lined up, hundreds more stretch out in the field behind them


Also known as pincushions, Scabiosa flowers are small yet beautiful. The button-like flower blooms in white, pink, lavender, burgundy, red, and cream.

Purple scabiosa flowers with white-green centers along a grassy background