April Flower of the Month: Sweet Peas

21 products

21 products

Forget May flowers. April brings the season’s sweetest blooms: Sweet Peas! At Mayflowers Floral Studio, we are featuring these delicate bundles of joy as our April Flower of the Month.

We consider Sweet Peas our “it” blooms of the season. The truly enchanting colors and appearance of Sweet Peas alone make it easy to understand why they are our “it” bloom of the season. The vibrant range of hues, from bubblegum pink to sunshine yellow, that sweet Sweet Peas come in are breathtaking, and their frilly and ruffled petals, like a ballerina’s tutu, give them an elegant and graceful look that captivates all.

But at Mayflowers Floral Studio, it’s not just about the looks. Our April Flower of the Month flower arrangements featuring Sweet Peas capture the essence of spring itself: embracing joy, living in color, and adding a touch of happiness to the everyday. Our Sweet Pea flower arrangements are full of life. The elegance and enchanting fragrance of the Sweet Pea—a delightful blend of sugary-sweet with a hint of musk—make for a springtime paradise.

The many captivating qualities of Sweet Peas make them the ultimate addition to any flower arrangement. Their versatility allows our master florists to curate flower arrangements that feel romantic and bold to modern and whimsical. This very quality is why Sweet Peas have captivated flower lovers since the 17th century. Even Queen Victoria has been charmed by them. This is why today, Sweet Peas grace everything from birthdays and weddings to anniversaries and more.

So, whether you’re decorating your home for spring, giving a gift, or planning an event, our April Flower of the Month collection of flower arrangements featuring Sweet Pea flowers will have something that fits the bill. Their fresh, sugary-sweet scent and beautiful appearance will fill the space with the magic of spring and add an elegant touch to any setting.

Take home the season’s sweetest surprise. Shop our April Flower of the Month Collection of flower arrangements featuring Sweet Pea flowers online or visit Mayflowers Floral Studio in Reston, VA, or McLean, VA.